Stewart Marshall Is “Mr SaaS”

Helping Software Entrepreneurs Live Their Dreams

I help SaaS founders understand software developers

And I help developers understand the customer

This will reduce your development costs

Shorten the time to market

And make your customers far happier

At hundreds of dollars a day for each developer, can you really afford for them to be working on the wrong thing?

The Best $999 You’ll Ever Spend?

A quick peek at your SaaS business today can save you countless hours and thousands of dollars

Just ask one of my clients

“He knows how to identify value. In just a couple of hours he identified valuable opportunities where we can save countless hours and thousands of dollars”

Joshua Allen Founder & CEO @ Revenly

What They Said

“This book goes far beyond anything you will have ever read in the IT space before. Stewart has created a whole new paradigm for thinking about IT in business”

“Highly recommended for simplifying complex issues.”

“…incredible expertise in the IT industry. Highly recommended!”

“The book provides useful insights in a way that is easy for non-IT people to understand and, just as importantly, to act on.

“I highly recommend this for all non-I.T. executives wanting a fresh perspective on optimising their investment in I.T.”

“Buy this book and understand how you can maximise your business IT systems.”


New to creating #SaaS?

Think of it a bit like going to a new country

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