Find The Modern Software World A Little Too Much?

Had Enough Of The Complexity, Complication and Chaos?

It’s Time To Create An Exceptional Digital Future

Whether you’re a SaaS entrepreneur or a business leader, the modern software world is staggering in its immensity. It’s awash with smoke and mirrors, hype and hyperbole, and a rightfully earned reputation of over promising and under-delivery.

But Stewart Marshall, AKA “Mr SaaS”, is here to help you turn jargon and gibberish and in to the mainstream and meaningful. His lifetime of experience in ICT, digital transformation and software R&D creating tools and solutions for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, can help you blend your human and technology needs to create an exceptional digital future.

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Meet The FASES Methodology

A tried and tested methodology to put you on the path to an exceptional digital future

Foundation – SYSTEMS, SOLUTION & STRATEGY – Your ICT core, providing the fundamental features of your ICT function aligned with your business and marketing goals.

Assistance- EQUIP, EDUCATE & ENCOURAGE – Energise your team by giving them the tools they need, on going development and leadership to drive technology use.

Simplify – PROCEDURES, PROCESSES & PRACTICES – Improve efficiency through innovation and incremental change and limit your exposure to staffing volatility.

Engage – CUSTOMER, CONNECT & COLLABORATE – Communicate with customers, prospects and suppliers, driving efficiency and an improved customer lifetime value.

Strength – INVEST, INNOVATE & ITERATE – Look to the future and see how ongoing development of your ICT assets will continue to give you an edge over your competitors.

These Are Digital Times And Modern Businesses Need Digital Leadership.

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Meet The “Kick Some SaaS” System

A tried and tested methodology to put your SaaS business on the right track

People – CONNECT, CUSTOMERS & COMMUNITY – Human-centricity is key. Identify your niche, engage the best prospects and create a world where they can live together.

Platform – SOLUTION, SYSTEMS & STRATEGY – Your core technology. The software itself, your day to day development practices and how you tackle an expensive and never-ending development cycle.

Promotion – CAMPAIGN, CONTENT & CONVERSION – All about finding customers. How you market your product, the stories you tell, and help them join your family.

Partners – FLEXIBILITY, FLUIDITY & FOCUS – Part of a winning team. Partners help you scale on demand, deliver financial stability by sharing costs, and let you focus on building a World class solution.

Play the long game and put your SaaS business on the path to profitability.

What They Said

“This book goes far beyond anything you will have ever read in the IT space before. Stewart has created a whole new paradigm for thinking about IT in business”

“Highly recommended for simplifying complex issues.”

“…incredible expertise in the IT industry. Highly recommended!”

“The book provides useful insights in a way that is easy for non-IT people to understand and, just as importantly, to act on.

“I highly recommend this for all non-I.T. executives wanting a fresh perspective on optimising their investment in I.T.”

“Buy this book and understand how you can maximise your business IT systems.”


If you’re a #CEO, #CFO or similar, you can be forgiven for thinking that today’s massive technology upheaval means everything is new.

You’re wrong though.


A super-duper prospect wants you to make a few special changes to your #SaaS platform, just for them.


Who doesn’t want a better tomorrow and a brighter digital future in our increasingly technological society?

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