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Are you ready to blend your technology and human needs to create an exceptional digital future?

Whether you’re a vendor, buyer or user, Mr SaaS has a solution to suit your needs and your budget

Digital Leadership Coaching

Like it or not, the analogue days are past. These are digital times and modern businesses need digital leadership.

Following the “FASES” system, and backed by his bestseller, “Doing IT for Money“, that’s helped thousands of readers, this program encourages you to put your people at the heart of your business and give them all the technology tools and training they’ll need.

Tailored specifically to your needs, this program is an investment in you and your business that will give you the insight and confidence to guide your organisation towards an exceptional digital future.

Kick Some Startup SaaS

Ideal for early stage SaaS entrepreneurs looking for a steady hand to help them build a robust foundation in the mystifying world of commercial software.

Following the “Kick Some SaaS” system, this 4 month program comes with personalised fortnightly education sessions and ongoing decision support, to help you create a software ecosystem fit for today, but ready for tomorrow.

Kick Some Professional SaaS

If you’ve gone to market and you’re ready to take your ecosystem to the next level, this is the one for you.

Following the “Kick Some SaaS” system, you’ll receive a full assessment, personalised fortnightly accountability, and comprehensive ongoing decision support, helping you get your costs down, revenues up and fans raving.

Sanity Check

The perfect investment for those who just need a little help, but don’t know who to ask or where to start.

Whether you’re right at the beginning of your technology journey or well on your way, for the same price as an every day laptop, we can show you how to get your business on the path to an exceptional digital future.


Bridge The Communication Gap

Your IT is an essential service that consumes enormous resources. In return, it delivers exceptional value to your organisation and its many people. Well orchestrated, commercial and technical IT teams exist in sweet harmony. Their words and music combining like Lennon and McCartney. A songbook that’s instantly familiar and one that everyone loves to sing along to.

But Often The Two Struggle To Understand Each Other

There’s a failure to bridge the technology communication gap and the result is a discordant racket, with two sides having different tempos and lyrics. But while a few off notes might not sound too bad, friction and frustration can easily turn in to anger and animosity.

The Real Cost Can Be Huge

With as much as 10% of an IT budget being wasted, solutions being slower to market, increased risk of down time, brand and reputational damage and more coming as a result of poor communication, getting your teams to sing the same song has never been more important.

The “Sing The Same Song” Program

This workshop and supporting activities is presented in collaboration with communication coach Sarah Denholm.


“He can easily save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on your development costs” – Andrew Romeo – CEO Aerion Technologies

If you’re engaging with the software world, talk with Stewart. A conversation with Stewart is priceless. It’s that simple.

Stewart will ask you the right questions and provide you with a clear and concise advice that will put you on the right track.

Ortal Green – CEO GlitteringMinds

Stewart just proved why every software project needs him. Normally you get developers getting excited about the features they can add, complicating the solution and then communicating poorly.

With Stewart you get a practical pro who keeps it simple, cuts project time, massively reduces costs and speaks your language. If you’re developing software, get him on your team!

Judy Celmins – Founder ThriveableBiz

Stewart has decades of experience in creating commercial software and has a way of turning the technical jargon into plain English.

If you are looking for some someone that can help simplify the process, work with you to maximise budgets and can even help you build the right team – I would highly recommend talking to Stewart.

After operating a technology consulting and development business for over a decade now, it is a must to have someone like Stewart on your side. He can easily save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on your development costs.

Andrew Romeo – CEO Aerion Technologies