“If you are looking for some someone that can help simplify the process, work with you to maximise budgets and can even help you build the right team – I would highly recommend talking to Stewart.

After operating a technology consulting and development business for over a decade now, it is a must to have someone like Stewart on your side. He can easily save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on your development costs.”

Andrew Romeo – CEO Aerion Technologies

“With Stewart you get a practical pro who keeps it simple, cuts project time, massively reduces costs and speaks your language. If you’re developing software, get him on your team!”

Judy Celmins, ThriveableBiz

“He knows how to identify value.

In just a couple of hours he identified valuable opportunities where we can save countless hours and thousands of dollars.”

Joshua Allen, CEO and Founder at Revenly

“His clarity and focus in understanding the needs of business struggling with technology is quickly moved to a pragmatic approach to getting the most efficient and economic solution, this makes him the one you want on your team.”

Denis Tebbutt – Director Pearcey Institute

“Stewart delivers the kind of mentoring and experience that SaaS founders dream of. He offers the kind of personalised and practical advice that can only come from someone who’s been there and done it.”

Jules Huguenin – CEO Unknot