If I wear a white coat and hang a stethoscope round my neck, does it make me a doctor?

The answer’s no, in case you weren’t sure.

Similarly, my mediocre, backyard DIY use of a tape measure, pencil and drop saw doesn’t make me a carpenter.

See how this works?

The tools we’re using don’t change what we are.

So it is with a SaaS platform.

Just because you make some software and publish it for public use, it doesn’t make you a tech business.

You might be technology driven, but you’re not selling it.

Most vendors simply use software they’ve made to deliver their service.

Why is this an important distinction?

Because it fundamentally affects how you perceive what you do, and that changes everything.

If changes how you talk about your offering.

How you perceive you customers’ needs.

How you pitch your product to the market.

How you manage your business.

And most of all it encourages you to focus on your technology.

Getting your platform up to snuff is of course important, but as I’m wont to say, if you’re looking at the technology, you’re missing the point.

Your SaaS enables some people to solve their problem.

That’s where its value lies, and it’s where your attention should be.

Anywhere else, and you’re just making life harder for yourself.


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