Failing badly and almost daily is all but guaranteed in the SaaS world.

But hey, that’s the R&D process and the reality of building to commercial grade.

And if, like me, you tend towards perfectionism and you’re a tiny bit OCD, it’s a heavy cross you just have to learn to bear.

A software platform is a massively complex machine with hundreds of thousands or even millions of parts working together.

Well, mostly.

It’s put together by fallible humans, often guessing as they go, so design mistakes are inevitable, and bugs are unavoidable.

Pragmatism is mandatory then if you want to remain sane, but far too many try to get everything right.

Analysis paralysis and getting stuck in the weeds are all too common.

Projects are derailed looking for that extra 1%.

Months wasted and cash burned chasing rainbows.

Some go the other way using quick and dirty solutions that lack rigour.

“Move fast and break things” is their misguiged mantra.

A myopic dollar or two saved today but a cost of ownership rapidly spiralling out of control.

Walking the tightrope and finding the your balance is hard, and it’s why people like me exist.

We offer experience, a pragmatic, arm’s length perspective and a wise old pair of eyes

Who’s hold your hand as you learn to keep your balance?


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