Commonwealth bank, Telstra and more seem to be using Covid as an excuse to slash services.

Bank branches are indefinitely mothballed.

Perhaps closures coming soon.

ATMs are regularly out of service.

Wait times on the phone are farcical.

And anecdotally, even online offerings have become worse.

Telstra’s customer portal is just plain crap.

And it’s the poor paying punters who have to suck it up.

But hey, they’re the big guys.

More often than not, they get away with treating us poorly.

That said, all hail Aussie Broadband for bucking the trend and looking after their people.

Long may it last!

But young SaaS businesses don’t have this luxury.

They’re in highly competitive markets.

If their service wavers, customers will vote with their feet because they can.

Many cut prices, but the right people will gladly pay more for a decent service standard.

And note, they’re not looking for perfection.

They don’t expect you to go above and beyond.

They just want the kind of friendly, helpful service we get in most stores.

If there’s a problem, they just want someone to talk to.

Maybe not at first, but if they can’t when they do, it looks like you don’t give a damn.

So don’t be like the big guys,

Treat your people the way they’d like to be treated.


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