If you’re a #SaaS vendor, these SHOULD be halcyon days, but I know many are struggling.

“Running on the smell of an oily rag” as a founder said to me the other day.

After a few minutes chatting with another, I saw several mistakes.

Nothing major, but mistakes nonetheless.

Inaccuracies muddying the waters, and getting in the way of generating revenue.

These SMALL issues can make HUGE differences.

Get them tidied up and money comes in.

It puts food on the table and feeds the next round of marketing and development.

Without them, it may all come to a shuddering halt, dreams of a software future shattered all too soon.

I’d love to help sort these things out, but I’m already director of a charity and I have projects I invest my time in.

My altruism only extends so far.

For the rest, I share my thoughts here, on LinkedIn and on YouTube.

So, if you want to know where you’re going wrong, why not take my quiz and I’ll send you a personalised assessment, and if you’d like the personal touch, book in and let’s get the ball rolling.

REMEMBER, these SHOULD be halcyon days.

You’d be mad to miss out.


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