New to creating SaaS?

Think of it a bit like going to a new country.

Though not a familiar, friendly one!

The people you meet there are different.

They have different customs and do things their way.

They may look like you, but they speak a different language.

Some words are familiar, but they seem to have a different meaning.

A few of the locals speak a bit of your language, but few if any are fluent.

Being there isn’t as you’d expected.

You’ve read a guide book or two and you’ve done your research on the internet, but once you arrive, the reality is far more -confronting.

Everything seems so expensive, and with the language barrier, you’re never quite sure if you’re being ripped off.

Still, you’re having a great trip and you can deal with the enormous credit card bill later.

Of course, the savvy traveller would pay for a tour guide.

A native who knows the locals and their customs.

Someone to translate for you, to show you the best places.

Someone who’ll help you find the best vendors, and make sure your souvenirs and mementos are worth the price tag.

If you’re thinking of going to SaaSland, it might just be the trip of a lifetime, but many find SaaSland to be no place for tourists.

Have you considered hiring a guide?


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