I am exceptionally excited to announce that I’ve become the director of not-for-profit CreateCare Global.

And we have a VERY BIG problem to work on.

Well over 100,000,000 children worldwide are missing out on stuff that we take for granted.

Shoes, something to sleep on, a bag to carry their school books, or even just a toothbrush.

But while such basics may be lacking, the mobile phone is almost ubiquitous.

So it’s time to start leveraging this widely available technology.


By using it to help connect those who have a problem with those who can solve it, and we’re starting by building a simple SaaS.

Carers will register their micro-needs, location and more, and solvers will contact them to arrange a resolution.

Today, it will be a very simple piece of software, but we have big ideas, and it will evolve.

So there’s much to consider.

They’re already building an MVP.

It might not be the right long term solution, but we must GET TO MARKET, so it’s perfect for today.

Then, we can plan for tomorrow.

So, I’m building SaaS on a tiny budget.

Time to make sure I listen to my own advice, and I’ll be sure to share my journey with you.

If you’d like to make a child’s life a little better, follow this link


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