We all remember our special childhood toy.

Mine was Bunji, a pink and white rabbit.

He was always there to comfort me if I was upset.

Looking back, there wasn’t a problem he couldn’t solve.

He was my own, private, little boy support line.

When he looked a little worse for wear, mum restuffed him and sewed him up.

She even washed him now and then.

I remember him hanging by the ears on the line taking an eternity to dry, and being the UK, it could take a few days.

Very frustrating for a little boy!

Your support offering serves a similar emotional purpose.

Like Bunji, it’s there to comfort your customers in times of need.

You’re who they turn to to solve their problems, and not just issues with your platform.

They’ll ask for your help overcoming work challenges too.

They may just want to talk to their peers and other customers.

Sometimes email will suffice, and other times an online chat in real time.

When it’s really bad, they’ll want a soothing voice and the human touch.

But if they’re left hanging for a few days, they’re going to be very frustrated.

So don’t scrimp on your support to save a few dollars.

Start building long term relationships today, and have your biggest fans feel as comforted as they did when holding their special toy all those years ago.


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