There's more to SaaS than just software

SaaS entrepreneurs can easily lose focus

Though not on the software they sell.

They can’t take their eyes off that.

They’re like Narcissus, in love with their own reflection.

No, they stop looking at the IT needs of the business itself.

And as they’re really just a manufacturer churning out a product for market, they have the same basic IT needs as everyone else.

Of course, the developers will all have tip top machines, or at least, THEY SHOULD!

I’ve seen places that don’t!


But what about everyone else?

They’re the same team with the same goals.

What about their IT needs?

Who looks after that?

It often has to fend for itself or is left to a non-technical CFO, and that’ll increase costs and reduce efficiency.

I recently helped a SaaS business develop a job specification for a CIO. Planning to grow the business over the next few years, the role was initially focussed on the product side. Bu as I explained to the #CEO, this was an chance to reorganise their IT.

Rather than 2 streams, they could recruit someone to look after both.

Internal IT would get a unified focus and the CFO could get back to doing what he does best

A win win by any measure.

As ever, there’s so much more to SaaS than just software


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