I wrote my first SaaS system in 1998

A rudimentary browser based HR platform

I’ve trained professional developers, sold software and consulted in industry and government

I spent over a decade designing and building high speed development tools to help others build their own SaaS platforms

In 2013, I conceived Visual LANSA‘s web product

I brought it to life, leading a team of brilliant developers

Today it’s my pleasure to share my knowledge and experience with other SaaS leaders

Throughout my 30 years, I’ve been in pursuit of one thing

The simplification and democratisation of software development

I dream of the many having the tools to build high quality, commercial grade platforms

With capabilities far beyond today’s No Code offerings

When we build physical structures, we use bricks, mortar and more

Pieces of Lego we can use to create whatever we can conceive

Similar patterns exist in software

There are constructs that repeat time and again

More “bricks” that designed correctly will simply lock together

Just before Christmas last year, an agreement

A chance to live my dream

But alas, Covid-19!

C’est la vie

Perhaps tomorrow

Until then, my story will continue

Let me know if you’d like to be part of it


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