Quality, Function and Price keep your stool on the level.

But get one leg out of whack and the stool falls over.

No one ever gets all three to meet their expectations, so if you’re creating a #SaaS platform, which one gets to suffer?

You could scrimp on quality to meet the budget.

But customers generally don’t like that.

You could reduce functionality.

But they don’t like that much either.

Or you pay more for better quality and function

But I don’t suppose you’ll be overly keen on that.

It’s the right answer though!

Here’s why.

If the budget is REALLY cast in stone, something’s going to have to give and functionality is the right choice.

Customers are patient people for the most part, and if they like the rest of the product, they’ll wait for the new toys they can see on your roadmap.

But if you give them a tool that doesn’t work, not only will they will go elsewhere, your reputation will take a beating too.

Ideally then, you should deliver a high quality, functional product.

It might cost more than you want to spend, but it will be a worthwhile investment.

SaaS, as I regularly remind my clients, is all about playing the long game, and you should be aiming to be here in 10 years from now.

Any additional spend will be long forgotten by then.

Poor customer reviews though will haunt you for years.

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