Don't hide from your customers, GET TO MARKET

Entrepreneurs building SaaS platforms worry a lot.

They worry others might find out their little secret.

That their idea might be stolen.

Or that someone might steal a march on them.

Get there first and corner the market.

So they go in to STEALTH MODE.

They lock themselves away; hiding from the enemy; Ready to ambush their unsuspecting competition when the moment is right.

There’s only one problem.

Beyond the first few months, it’s a waste of time, effort, and most of all, opportunity!

I’ll explain

Few ideas in SaaS are truly unique with most platforms joining an overflowing market, and even if they are, first mover advantage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

And even if the cat gets out of the bag, commercial software is complex.

Who’s really in a position to stop what they’re doing and play catchup?

So enough with the cloak and dagger nonsense!


Create a digital presence.

Tell prospects there’s a new world order coming.

Get some expressions of interest.

Target some potential accounts and build a database.

Generate a little BUZZ.

They don’t need to know the HOW, just the WHAT, because you’re not selling technology.

You’re offering a vision of a better tomorrow.

It’s your competition that should be worrying

Not you!


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