A super-duper prospect wants you to make a few special changes to your #SaaS platform, just for them.

The question is, should you provide it?

To sweeten the deal, they offer to pay all your development, testing and delivery costs.

So all’s good and you should get on with it, right?

Hmm…not so fast.

You’re going to need a precise spec, and probably a few changes to contracts.

It’ll be a lot more effort getting the deal over the line, your risk levels increase and your cost of sale GOES UP.

Inconvenient for sure, but it’s nothing compared to your COST OF OWNERSHIP.

You now have 2 versions to look after and more importantly, a new line in the sand and a precedent.

So when another demanding super prospect comes along wanting yet more changes to your #software, you’ll rinse and repeat.

That’s 3 versions

Then 4, 5…

MORE code

MORE testing

MORE bugs


What happens when you try to enhance your core product?

You now have many versions to wrangle.

Will new features be compatible with custom versions?

More EXPENSIVE complications for you to manage, and all in all, a situation best avoided.

But what else can you do?

Saying no with a but is a very good start.

Assuming the wants are reasonable, they’ll add value to your offering and other clients will enjoy them too.

So offer to include them in your product as part of the deal.

Then prioritise the inclusion of the “must haves”.

This may delay things a little but it’s a WIN WIN.

You solve the client’s problems and they solve yours.

And that’s the start of a long lasting, mutually beneficial partnership.

And that’s as it should be, because success in SaaS is all about playing the long game.

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