Building commercial grade SaaS is expensive and challenging

Making something engaging is even more so

And keeping them happy is a never ending battle

In the early days, it’s a bit like playing with a Rubik’s Cube

You see all the pieces, and you might even have a sense of what the solution looks like

But getting everything in order seems impossible

Get one thing sorted, then a small move messes up other bits

But for those in the know, there’s no mystery

It’s just a puzzle

And like all conundrums, it has rules and boundaries

Apply the right techniques and you can watch the answer appear as if by magic

A twist or two here and a turn or two there

A development STRATEGY to get you to market

The FUNCTIONALITY your customers need

A LOOK AND FEEL that encourages engagement

EDUCATION tools to get your customers off to a good start

Contextual HELP and reference materials so they can solve their problems

And SUPPORT for the times when they can’t

These are the software six

The primary areas that all software projects should focus on

Do you have anyone on your team to help you solve the software puzzle?

You might think you can’t afford to engage someone like me

But the real question is can you afford not to?


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