…because basically, you get what you pay for

It’s one of life’s fundamental truths

And it’s called a fair exchange of value

Every now and then, something truly remarkable turns up that feels like you stole it

But mostly, if something’s expensive, it’s because it has massive value

That said, STAY TUNED!

I have something in the pipeline for the coming weeks

#MrSaaSSays Q&A sessions

A simple forum where software entrepreneurs can ask questions up front

And I, and a panel of experts, will do our best to answer them for the benefit of the audience over Zoom

We’ll get to geek out on all things #SaaS

It should be fun

But more on that later

Back to the expensive software pros

Think for minute what’s on the line

Your brilliant insights into your domain

Delivered to the right people via the magic of modern technology

Could literally be worth millions

Do you really want a such a valuable commodity to be administered by rank amateurs?

The cheapest people you can find?

Your vision, your dream, deserves better than that

It demands the rigour and experience that only serious professionals can provide

And of course that will come at a high price

Because basically, you get what you pay for


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