Mantras in the business world are ten a penny, my own included.

Everyone with an opinion has one and if they don’t, they can roll out half a dozen from other people.

The trouble is, these ideas sneak in to popular culture and then they’re repeated robotically, often by those who don’t understand their provenance.

“Done beats perfect”, is one that’s popped a few times of late, most recently when talking to a SaaS business leader.

And you know what?

When it comes to building a Software platform, “done beats perfect” is dangerous horseshit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for a moment advocating for perfection at all costs, but if you run your project from the point of view of just getting it done, you’re asking for trouble, and your cost of ownership is about to go through the roof.

I’ll explain.

Imagine you’re building a house and you’re getting ready to pour the foundations.

Getting it done is undoubtedly important, but done right is more so.

Then there’s the walls.

Done is important, but done right is more so.

Then you put the roof on, first fix electrics and plumbing.

All need to be done and done right.

And then there’s the decorating, and who ever told their painter to just slap some paint on the walls and do a shitty job?

Spot a mistake with any of these and you may compromise and spend a big pile of cash to work around the flaw, but some must be fixed and the more structural the problem, the more expensive the resolution.

Every one will increase your cost of ownership

And as ever, you can only spend your time and money once, so if you’re lavishing it on fixing up your costly errors, other income generating activities are being passed by.

So, the challenge for SaaS and business leaders is to find the balance where everything is done and perfect…enough

The question is, do you have the experience to do this?

If you don’t, message me.

I can show you the way.

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