Most SaaS leaders intimately understand the problem they want to solve.

They have a pretty good idea whose it is, and they know the value their solution will deliver.

But turning all this in to successful commercial grade software is a challenge, and it’s all too easy to spend $500,000 on something that ultimately has no value.

I saw yet another expensive stalled attempt again recently.

The developers were obviously following a spec, but the quality of the product and its usability were underwhelming.

Many projects end up this way, but why?

Poor quality means the developer’s are in trouble, but usability failures typically arise from poor understanding.

The founder is often a subject matter expert, but developers rarely are, so they need to grasp the founder’s vision.

And there is ONE absolutely critical part to this.

They need to understand the drivers for user engagement, and this is all about NEEDS.

Users NEED to solve THEIR problem, and they will see this from their perspective.

So remember when you’re imagining YOUR solution.

Your point of view is just that.

It’s yours, not theirs.

So put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and see the world through their eyes.

Because commercial software design is an exercise in empathy.


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