SaaS is big business, and it’s growing VERY quickly.

A $300 Billion dollar industry by 2026.

But only 1 in 11 startups will make it beyond 3 years, and some don’t even make it to a minimum viable product.

Quite a few run out of funding.

They run out because making commercial grade software takes a long time.

It’s one thing making a website with the odd entry form, but making a data driven, multi-tenant browser based application is another entirely.

And when it comes to planning, developers are not to be trusted.

I should know: I was one!

We’re notorious for underestimating timescales.

Firstly there’s the software itself.

Invention is a slow process.

Data models need to be defined and refined and coding is an error prone activity.

Retrospective changes will really slow you down.

Add an extra database table can add days or even weeks.

Changing the user interface design can be painful, and the whole development process is often trial and error.

Then there’s the help, training, tutorials and more, and they often can’t be created until the product is almost complete.

You need all of this and much more if you want to be commercial grade.

But take the time to get it right, and some of that $300 Billion can be yours for years to come.


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