Who doesn’t want a better tomorrow and a brighter digital future in our increasingly technological society?

It’s what the #CEO #COO #CFO et al are leading the team towards right?

One would hope so, but what if they’re not?

The problem is that we’re inherently ignorant and like most other animals, self-preservation is high on our todo list.

This makes us risk averse and it drives some fundamental behaviour.

It means we often hide in the crowd, enjoying our anonymity and comparative safety of numbers.

It means we sometimes choose to do nothing, putting our challenges in the too hard basket, kicking the can down the road.

It means we take the easy option, irrespective of its longer term effects, putting our immediate welfare ahead of what might follow.

But these actions do little more than help us hide and survive to fight another day.

So we hide, survive, fight, hide, survive, fight, hide, survive and fight.

A never ending cycle where we just fight, fight, fight and fight some more.

Yet this is how many business leaders approach their technology use.

They follow the crowd, buying @IBM, @Microsoft or whoever, and end up just like everyone else.

They put it in the too hard basket, embracing the status quo, putting as much off as they can until…whenever.

Or they play whack-a-mole, applying a bandaid and little more. Time for another spreadsheet?

I don’t know about you, but all that fighting must be draining.

Wouldn’t you prefer a less fraught existence?

One where innovation delivers real value and give you an edge.

One where incremental change lets you move forward with a series of small wins.

One where your tactical manoeuvres are part of a strategy for an exceptional digital future.

It sounds like a lot less effort me.

Today’s #SaaS and #Software options mean that leaders are spoiled for choice, but as ever, if you’re looking at the technology, you’re missing the point.

Without learning how to stop the cycle, you’re stuck in a constant battle.

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