How important is it for #SaaS vendors to nail their niche?


It’s critical to early success


Because the needs of your target market lie at the very heart of all you do.

After all, they’re the ones your software will serve.

If you’re unclear about whose problem you solve, how clear can you be about the problem itself?

How can you focus your development efforts?

How can you know you’re building the right thing?

It’s OK if you’re drowning in investment funds, but few are.

Most have a limited budget and must make every penny count.

And it’s not just your development costs that rise.

Your marketing spend will too as you shout loudly to all and sundry in the hope someone will engage.

Far better to talk clearly to the few who’ll listen.

The few whose problem needs solving.

The few who’ll stay with you for years to come.

The few who are in your niche.

The few who’ll buy your product for the best price.

If your development and marketing costs seem extravagant, perhaps there’s a better way.

It’s my job to help you find it, so give me a call.


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