Building a SaaS platform?

You need 2 things


So pick the team and let them choose, right?


Here’s the rub.

THEIR choice will affect YOUR costs, time to market and future options.

Languages like C# and JavaScript are the most flexible, and they’re used with pre-built libraries to simplify common jobs.

There are popular ones and many wannabes.

But coders just LOVE shiny new things, and new libraries come and go regularly.

You may find yourself dependent on a dying one.

Code solutions are often free but take far more time, so that’s more money on wages.

Then there are #LowCode tools.

These abstract many of the common patterns and offer rapid development, but, you pay for these and they’re less flexible.

If you need to go beyond their boundaries, it gets tricky, and you may hit performance issues, as a CEO I spoke with recently has found.

And then there are #NoCode tools.

They’re even faster and less flexible.

Code, #Lowcode or #NoCode could all be the right answer.

But how do you choose?

Well, when it comes to tools, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

You can make the right STRATEGIC choice IF you understand the problem.

The question is, do you have anyone on your team that does?


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