$5 apps and pile it high, sell it cheap #SaaS platforms have a User experience advantage.

They’re simple.

They have limited functionality and unless the #UX is a disaster, working out how to use them is easy enough.

For everyone else, there’s a lot going on.

So for new customers to gain maximum value, vendors need to invest in high quality onboarding.

You can scrimp if you like, but it just annoys the customer, and that’s rarely optimal.

So, lots of tutorials and training options, access to premium support, and maybe even evangelist boots on the ground to get them up to speed.

Sadly, some customers don’t get it.

They’d rather not pay for these extras, thinking they’ll save themselves a few dollars.

But it’s a false economy, and it means they won’t get the best value out of your offering.

So they won’t sing its praises as loudly as they might, and that means you both lose.

So when you’re putting the deal together, include onboarding in the package, and stick to your guns.

Don’t let the prospect dictate terms.

Remember, you’re in this together.

Only by working as a team will you and your customer succeed.

So which will it be?

High value onboarding, or will just throw them a lifebuoy when the fall overboard.

Thanks to the exceptional Steve Panozzo for the drawing.


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