The pinnacle of my career – so far – is the creation of Visual LANSA Web.

It’s a high speed development tool, or software for making more software as I refer to it.

It was my youthful dream to simplify software development, and I actually did just that.

It’s used around the world by governments and businesses including Proctor and Gamble and Kawasaki.

With most of my 30+ years in IT in commercial software some might call me an expert, though it’s a term I eschew.

Having written “Doing IT For Money“, I prefer to say I’m an authority.

I guess I’ll be more of one when I finish my second, “Kick Some SaaS”.

As I’ve built my second career helping SaaS businesses get the biggest bang for their buck, I’ve found I do my best work at the intersection of technology and humanity.

It’s in our nature to make tools.

Early man used flint and wood to cut and dig.

Today we use software to solve millions of our problems.

Given a clean start, I’d make a far superior LANSA, and perhaps I will if I ever find an investor.

Until then, I’ll use my lifetime of experience to help others solve the problems of their target market.

I’ll help them realise their software dreams.

Someone will benefit from all I’ve learned.

Get in touch if you’d like it to be you.


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