Excellent CX is all about the M.A.T.H.S

UI is critical to SaaS customer experience, right?


It’ll help, but it’s not all that.

Trust me on this!

Some world leading platforms are just plain horrid, and price doesn’t matter much either.

The right client will pay well for a fair exchange of value.

Tip top customer experience is all about the service you deliver, and doing the M.A.T.H.S is a great way to start.


Software has bugs.

C’est la vie.

But don’t hide from your mistakes.

Fix them promptly and then tell your customers.

What better than a business that sorts out issues quickly and efficiently?


Get new features online as soon as possible, and be sure to announce their arrival.

You’ve just given your clients something for free.

You deserve the kudos!


Tutorials, training, video snippets, mentoring and more.

Don’t leave customers to stumble around helplessly.

Provide the education they need to maximise the value of their purchase.


Customers have many, many questions.

The easier you make it for them to find the answer, the happier they’ll be with your product.


And if they can’t answer them, make sure you can.

Forums, online chat, email, phone staff…whatever!

Help them solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

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