No parent ever says they have an ugly child

They’re always beautiful

It’s human nature and we all do it

Our emotional attachment transcends such superficial judgments

Because love is blind

But other people’s kids though…

Funny how our objectivity returns when we have no skin in the game

So let’s think about software for a moment

Many #SaaS leaders are similarly enamoured with their digital progeny

And their love is just as blinding

So they fail to see the obvious flaws

They fail to understand its inadequacies

They think everyone should forgive its shortcomings

But the harsh reality of #SaaS is that is simply doesn’t work that way

You’re baby is being judged, and very harshly

The good news is problems can be fixed

Provided you know what they are

So, before you spend any more money on your very expensive developers

Why not have an objective viewer give your offering a once over?

For less than the cost of a couple of days development

I’ll review the 6 critical areas of commercial software


I could well find places that can save or make you tens of thousands

And if I don’t, you’ll have peace of mind

Are you SURE you have a beautiful baby?


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