Time keeps ticking away.

It’s why so many SaaS platforms fail post MVP.

During development, they’re head down bum up creating their technical marvel, developers and go to market strategies consuming precious resources.

But the clock keeps on ticking, and as I always remind software wannabes, your MVP is “The least that works and delivers value”.

That means going to market is the tip of the iceberg.

It’s just a beginning.

The moment you’re live, demands increase massively.

Your minimum needs to grow, and quickly.

There’s more work for your expensive developers.

Complexity increases and the clock just keeps on ticking.

So the cost of ownership just grows and grows.

This is why the development decisions you make post MVP are critical to survival.

You can only spend your resources once, and you need to do it wisely.

So how do you decide what to do next?

Remember the MVP?

“…and delivers value”

Focus on that!


Because that’s what your prospects want.

It’s what your customers want.

It’s what your marketing should be talking about.

Technology exists to help humans be better at whatever it is they do.

That’s where the value lies, and that’s what your product should deliver.

But the path forward isn’t always clear.

Who’s helping you make the right choices?


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