For SaaS businesses, the list of enhancement requests is never ending, and ravenous customers are always asking for more.

What they WANT changes as often as the weather, but what they NEED is far more predictable.

Spotting which is which though isn’t always simple, so it’s important that vendors review their list of feature requests very carefully.

And it’s doubly so that they say NO to a great many.


Because each one might be an expensive gimmick only one person wants.

But more importantly, once they’re out there, you can’t take them back.

A customer now depends on it.

So you’ll have to drag it forward for ever.

It’s a very expensive and onerous millstone slowing you down.

Of course, your developers have the tools to make whatever the customer wants, but then restaurants have a larder full of ingredients and they only offer what’s on the menu.

They keep it simple to simplify their delivery and to ensure they can focus on quality, and there’s probably a lesson there.

Learning to say no to prospects and customers is an important skill, and it’s one that doesn’t come easy because we all want to please others.

And while the old wisdom says the customer is always right, when it comes to software, they have to settle for being important.


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