February 20th 2019 was a red letter day.

My first book ‘Doing IT For Money – A business leader’s guide to improving profit per person’ became a bestseller.

You can get a copy here.

In it, I encouraged business leaders to engage with technology, to innovate and improve their tech, tools and team.

But today, I have a far sharper focus on SaaS vendors.

It’s a world I’m intimately familiar, with over 20 years in commercial software R&D, and it’s time I shared all that I’ve learned, warts and all.

So book two is coming.

The working title is “Kick Some SaaS – The entrepreneur’s guide to realising their software dreams”, and I’ve got a pile of content to leverage.

Years of posts on LinkedIn and many episodes of ‘Mr SaaS Says’ on YouTube

And podcasts too, like Matt Wolach’s SaaS-Story in the Making.

And Andrew Romeo’s DevReady.

But there’s still much to do, so this is my last post this year.

Thank you all for your fabulous support.

Whatever your beliefs, may your god go with you during this festive period.

Take care and we’ll see each other in 2021.


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