And Mr #SaaS is here to teach you how

So, no more mystified entrepreneurs wasting tens of thousands of $$$

No more developers just tinkering with tech

No more business leaders pulling their hair out

And no more shattered dreams

There’s too much at stake!

Whether you’re a coder, project manager, client or whoever

The time for excuses is over

We’re all in this together

So, if we want the best results, and my guess is that we do

We ALL need better understanding

Understanding of the needs of the user

Understanding of the problem being solved

And most of all, understanding of each other

Because this isn’t about technology

It’s a human endeavour


So let’s ditch the us and them nonsense

Let’s turn

Technical twaddle into easy English

Gibberish and jargon into the meaningful and mainstream

And complexity and confusion into the orderly and the obvious

If we can do that, we all win

Because it’s better for the customer

Better for the developers

And better for the end user

And that is money in the bank

All you need now is to learn how


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