No man is an island.

We need the help and support of others.

It’s why the 4th P of my “Kick Some #SaaS” system is partners.

They help you scale and spread your costs and let you focus on building great software.

No platform should be an island either.

If it’s to thrive, it must work well with others.


Because customers don’t want silos.

They need software solutions that solve their problem without creating a new one!

And no, an “Export as CSV” won’t cut it, although it should probably be an option.

In today’s hyperconnected and increasingly automated world, APIs and connectors are all but mandatory.

Without them, manual processing is required.

A guarantee of human error and wasted time.

An expensive interruption that increases cost of ownership making your product far less attractive and costing you revenue.

A lose lose.

But if you play well with others, sharing data and events, you can easily collaborate to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

Complementary solutions delivering the maximum value, with some of the capabilities of complex enterprise systems for a fraction of the price.

It’s a win win.

Effective integration is all about facilitation, and the easier your platform is to use, the more likely your customers will want to stay.


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