How dull! Another mass market B2C platform.

They’re really not my thing.

Could you pay me enough to get involved?

Of course!

Prostitution comes in many forms!

But I prefer B2B offerings, and preferably those started by domain experts.

They typically create a solution to solve their own problem, and then they get bitten by the #SaaS bug.

Why are they my favourite?

They start with the problem and customer in mind, and they’re just as passionate about their world as I am about mine.

Sadly, they’re encumbered by their own expertise.

To them it all makes sense, so they see less value in their offering, setting prices way too low.

All that does is make the product look cheap and less desirable to A-grade prospects.

They also recognise what it has to offer to different markets, so they try to sell to everyone.

But this makes their messaging vague, and they wind up selling to no one.

So they spend yet more money making yet more product that still doesn’t sell!

But with the right strategy, they’d get a fair price for their wares and talk to the right prospects

And there’s so much more that service SaaS vendors can offer too, but that will have to wait until next time.

Of course, you can call me if you want to find our sooner


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