Well, there are times when you should, but for most SaaS founders, it’s a bad idea.

And a very time consuming idea and costly one at that.

Founders often opt for an app because it’s what they know, but the software world continues to evolve and common practice is no longer best practice.

If you build an app, you have to make 2 versions, one for Android and another for iOS.

Modern tools simplify this, but there’s still both Google and Apple markets to deal with.

More importantly, you don’t have a browser version, and for B2B platforms that’s far from ideal, and a working day is far more likely to be spent on a laptop than a phone.

So if you want coverage on there, you’re going to need to build a third variant.

That might not be too much grief in the beginning, but long term, it’s a ball and chain.

A wholly unnecessary expense that will stay with you forever.

Best practice for most today is to build a PWA or progressive web app.

This will run happily just about everywhere and it doesn’t need approval from anyone.

It can even be downloaded to a desktop.

It’ll run offline too, assuming your developers code for the scenario.

Apps may have been the thing just a few years ago, but today, they’re yesterday’s news.

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