Best practice #SaaS platforms satisfy user NEEDS to solve their problem, but to increase usability we also assess WANTS.

They drive a lot of UI functionality.

It’s why there’s often more than 1 way to do the same thing

For example, Copy and Paste.

Only 1 way is NEEDED, but you can use the keyboard or a mouse and menus.

Navigation around an application is much the same.

All we NEED is a menu of available actions and options, but we simplify things by making common activities easily accessible in situ.

Foe example, when we see a customer name or order number, a single click might show the details.

But how do you know if you’re doing enough for your users?

There’s no problem if it’s a bug.

You’re gonna hear about those!

But we rarely hear about stuff we’ve accidentally made difficult.


Because WE DON’T ASK!

Yes, feedback options are often available somewhere, but users are busy and apathetic

If you want their help so you can be better, you have to ask for it.

And all the time!

So make your feedback options easy to find, and don’t just ask for a random opinion.

Ask what you can do BETTER.

Make it contextual, and give them lists of options to simplify the process.

Remember, software is an exercise in empathy, so help them help you help them.


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