Did you know, a championship archery target is 122cm across.

And it’s 70m away!

The centre is just 12.2cm, one tenth of the width.

Just 1% of the entire target.

Only 1 in 100 arrows fired randomly would score a 10.

Yet Brady Ellison’s World record set in 2019 was a staggering 702 out of 720.

56 perfect 10s, 14 9s and a couple of 8s.

To achieve this he had –

  • A top quality compound bow with sights.
  • The right team behind him.
  • Many years of professional coaching and training.
  • And countless hours of practice under his belt.

Up and coming SaaS entrepreneurs would do well to take a leaf out of Brady’s book.

If they want to go for gold they too will need –

  • A clear view of the problem they’re aiming at, and the right tools to solve it.
  • A laser-like focus on just a tiny fraction of their potential market.
  • A high quality team.
  • Advisers and coaches to guide and educate them.
  • And many, many hours of commitment to the cause.

But if they cut a few corners to save a few dollars, perhaps drift along without strategic advice, or reduce their quality, they won’t be breaking any records.

Their investment will be for nought when they lose in the early rounds.

Do you have all you need to go for SaaS gold?


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