Take one smart, passionate SaaS entrepreneur with a dream.

Mix with some software developers.

Stir in some money.

Cook for several months.

Test regularly and adjust the seasoning.

Et voila.

A gourmet SaaS platform.

But just like many home cooks who follow a recipe, the results don’t always look like the vision.

I’m seeing this play out in my part time role as a charity director at CreateCare Global.

We help orphaned and vulnerable children.

Small acts from creative problem solvers that have a big impact.

To bring the carers and solvers together we’re building a platform.

I joined recently to get the project back on track.

It had stalled and the reasons seemed clear.

Communication issues between the client and the developers are a common enough scenario.

But there was more.

An offshore team adept at websites but not so familiar with building applications.

A crucial observation from an experienced eye!

So a tough but necessary decision has to be made.

Stick with the same team or salvage what we can and write the rest off to experience?

I’m already working on finding a replacement, this time with the right credentials.

Lucky for me that I help SaaS entrepreneurs live their dreams, so I’ll be able to follow my own advice.


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