To ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME

SaaS vendors, what do you know about your users’ habits?

No, not what they get up to in the privacy of their own homes.

I’m talking about the features of your software.

It turns out some of them are missing out.

Here’s an example.

My mum, the old fella and I like a game of Words With Friends.

We’ve always got a couple on the go.

You can buy powerups from the store with earned coins.

I’d assumed anyone playing it would have worked this out, but no!

It was a revelation to The Olds, and they’ve been playing for years!

Now you might think this is just old people struggling with technology, but I’ve seen the same throughout my career.

And it’s a real problem for vendors.

If customers don’t know about something, they won’t use it.

They may even think you don’t have the feature, and that can’t be good for word of mouth and reputation.

There are lots of ways of pointing customers at unused features, but you’ve got to know you need to do it.

And that brings me back to my initial question.

What do you know about user habits?

If you’re not recording their actions, you’re guessing, and that, as I’ve written before, has been proven to lead to less than desirable results.

So, what have you assumed about your customers’ knowledge?


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