SaaS businesses can get user and customer experience confused

Some may even think they’re the same

But one is part of the other

User experience deals with the way software works

How the user interface acts

Its features and aesthetic

User experience is tech-centric

Customer experience starts with user experience as its base

And then builds on it

It’s all about how we treat the customer

How we look after their needs

The conversation we have with them

And how we make them feel

Customer experience is human-centric

And this is why I was chatting with #CX expert @Alex Allwood, understanding the importance of empathy

It’s something #SaaS businesses often get very wrong, because they focus on their tech rather than understanding their people

Vendors in the same space have similar features and benefits

So the user experience will likely be similar

But get to know your people, and you can deliver a very different and far superior customer experience

Not only will it reduce your marketing costs and help you close more sales

It will also increase your customer lifetime value

And whether you’re in this for the long haul or planning to build and exit

That is one metric that you want to be as big as possible


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