There are 11 parties in a typical SaaS project

The client, the techs, and a 3rd

Hang on, didn’t I say 11?

Yeah, it’s a binary gag

Poor I know, but look at what I’ve got to work with!

The first 2 require little explanation

The client’s the one with an idea and some money

And the techs turn them both in to code etc

The 3rd is the translator

Their role is to turn a customer vision in to something techs understand

Translators come in 2 VERY DIFFERENT FORMS

The first looks just like me

An experienced IT professional with a background in commercial software, capable of speaking both human and nerd

The other looks just like a big pile of cash

Primarily because that’s exactly what it is

The tech team generally doesn’t care much for a translator

Because communication issues make a project take longer


But the customer has a choice

Invest in a human or speak slowly and loudly, and pelt the tech team with wads of cash until they get it

Some clients are smart enough to see the need for an intermediary

Others pay extra for an A-grade tech team with its own translator

But the rest?

Well, that rarely ends well

It’s why so many say things to me like, “I wish I’d known about you 12 months ago”


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