“Be better!”

That was my parting message when chatting with marketing whizz Azadeh Williams recently.

You can watch the video here.

But why did I say “be better”?

I said it because times are hard and growing your customer base is expensive, so it’s time to invest in QUALITY.

To be ready for when the sun comes out again.

Anyone can be different, but that ain’t gonna cut it.

Neither will the same old software with a new look.

That’s just lipstick on a pig.

And nor will an extra feature here or there.

This is what your competition is doing.

But they’re just keeping up with the Joneses, staying safe and sound in the middle of the flock.

So you’ve gotta try harder!

To be better, you must invest in delivering QUALITY and VALUE.

So it’s time to fix a few bugs.

Enhance your test suite.

Improve documentation.

Engage more with your community.

Bolster your support services.

Document your processes and practices.

Develop your team’s skills.

Train more product evangelists.

Create additional training courses and video tutorials.

Find new partners.

And maybe even sack a few painful customers.

When they can’t go out to sea, fishermen mend their nets and prepare their equipment, ready for calmer waters and a bumper haul.

You should too!


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