There are 2 things going on RIGHT NOW…

…of monumental importance to Australia’s future –

Covid19 and a technology revolution.

The virus has forced us to adopt technology at lightning speed.

12 months ago, telehealth and working from home were big ideas with little implementation, but a harsh reality has forced our hand.

Our old normal is DEAD.

15 years ago, I’d have called this a crisis, but today, we are in the midst of a tech revolution.

We can work from home, sign documents and see a doctor via the internet.

Today, we have the opportunity and motivation to reinvent our work, health, education and more, and we MUST seize the day for IT WILL NOT COME AGAIN!

Resources and agriculture have served us well, but the future is calling and we must forge a new Australia.

This is the “clever country”, an “innovation nation”, and “Our land abounds in nature’s gifts”.

But, if we are to take our place alongside other world technology leaders, we need collaboration between business, academia and government, and leadership from all three that invests in our people.

I’ll be discussing these ideas and more on September 2nd as part of the Victorian Digital Innovation Festival #DIFVIC

What will you do to Advance Australia Fair?


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