SaaS leaders KNOW software developers waste piles of cash EVERY WEEK.

They KNOW many thousands of $$$ are spent on NOTHING.

But how it happens is often a mystery.

So here are 7 ways YOUR development process hemorrhages money.

1 – Building the wrong thing.

Unless you’re focussed on specific customer needs, it’s all too easy to build something no one wants.

2 – Lack of focus.

Developers need to focus on the job in hand rather than switching from one context to another.

3 – Over complication.

Far too many solutions try to do far too much, so K.I.S.S.

4 – Poor communication.

Confusion and chaos always come with a big cost.

5 – Wrong priorities.

Developers often do the jobs they want to, rather than those they SHOULD.

6 – Rework.

Improving existing code is part of the job.

Some is legitimate, but much is because it was done poorly in the first place.

7 – Somebody Else’s Software.

Developers spend hours playing catchup trying to understand another developer’s work.

Now you know how YOUR time, opportunity and money are being wasted, and at $500+ per day per developer, can you REALLY afford to let this go on?

I didn’t think so!

So get some expert guidance today

My bill will be a tiny fraction of your savings.


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