Your SaaS has made it to market – Now the HARD work!

You’ll have a list of bugs, and a list of features people NEED.

And an even bigger one of their WANTS.

Version 1 is just a start, a line in the sand.

So, what’s next?

Fix the essentials and address some other issues.

Then you can start a SECOND development stream, with larger jobs for the next line in the sand.


V2 must work with ALL that has gone before, and so must V3, V4 etc

EVERY feature you release will be used by someone, so YOU CAN’T JUST REMOVE THEM.

Your mistakes will live forever, an expensive millstone that keeps on growing and slowing.

Can it be avoided?

No, but its effect can be minimsed.

✅ Stick closely to your core product vision

✅ Avoid quick and dirty fixes

✅ Rigorously plan new features

✅ Record data to measure user activity

✅ Add complex features in stages

✅ Avoid different versions for different customers

The more complex your world, the slower and more expensive it is to learn, maintain and verify.

SaaS is like a golf tournament.

Good play in round 1 won’t win it, but bad play will help you lose it!

So keep it simple and settle in the for long game


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