The ICT world is staggeringly immense and full of chaos, complications and confusion for many business leaders.

It’s why I wrote ‘Doing IT for Money’, a book that’s now helped set thousands of people on a path to an exceptional digital future and improved profitability.

It’s based on my FASES methodology and takes a pragmatic, non-technical look at how best to leverage all that the technology revolution has to offer.

FOUNDATION – Systems | Solutions | Strategy

This is the core of your ICT function, the backbone of your business without which you can’t survive. It looks at how you manage and apply the many tools available to your business and marketing goals.

ASSISTANCE – Equip | Educate | Encourage

Technology is an enabler. It’s there to help your team solve their problems. So put them at the centre and give them the tools they need, on going development and leadership to encourage and drive their technology use.

SIMPLIFY – Procedures | Processes | Practices

Deliver greater efficiency through innovation and incremental change, and limit your exposure to staffing volatility and other events that can impact the smooth running of your business.

ENGAGE – Customer | Connect | Collaborate

Use the many tools available to communicate with customers, prospects and suppliers. Build an ecosystem that empowers them and helps them help themselves to increase customer lifetime value.

STRENGTH – Invest | Innovate | Iterate

Look to the future and see how ongoing development of your ICT assets will continue to give you an edge over your rivals.

Exceptional digital futures don’t happen by chance. They need structure and digital leadership.

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