You’re in the poop if you’re making software.

SaaS is the modern gold rush and there are more way more projects than skilled developers.

LinkedIn lists 19,000 full stack developers in Australia.

Seek shows ~1,900 jobs looking for the same.

A CEO I spoke to recently needs a development lead and can’t find a single person.

All those he approached are happy where they are.

Trouble is, software is increasingly complex, and while developers may know PhP, C, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc., very few are architects or master craftsmen.

They can follow instructions and update existing products, but they lack the experience and insight to lead an R&D team.

If you’re looking to attract top talent, you’re in for a very tough time.

So what can you do?

Here are my 3 tips

1 – Stop looking for unicorns

Trying to find one person to solve all your problems is almost impossible.

2 – Top developers are worth every cent

Stop being a cheapskate and meet the market.

3 – It’s a buyer’s market

If you’re going to entice them in, you need to offer so much more than a programming job.

And here’s an extra tip.

Recruiters are really good at finding people for boxes, but few R&D projects are lead by those who fit in one.

Perhaps then, it’s time to think outside- the box.


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