I very much want you to succeed in your SaaS ventures

So I hope you never end up saying any of these.

I shoulda validated there was a market.

I shoulda walked away and accepted my early costs.

I shoulda focussed on a tighter niche.

I shoulda been clearer about my prospects’ needs.

I shoulda written a more detailed spec.

I shoulda invested in experienced developers.

I shoulda learned more about the costs of building commercial software.

I shoulda been more engaged in the development process.

I shoulda completed the browser version before building two different mobile apps as well.

I shoulda generated some interest well before going to market.

I shoulda worked out a more detailed revenue model.

I shoulda thought about referral strategies.

I shoulda written some proper documentation.

I shoulda embedded contextual help.

I shoulda developed some tutorials and training courses.

I shoulda encouraged community engagement.

I shoulda built a partner network.

I shoulda worried more about delivering value and less about the technology.

I shoulda tried to be better rather than different.

And I REALLY don’t want you to look back ruefully and say, I shoulda engaged the services of a specialist #SaaS adviser.

So please, DON’T BE A SHOULDA.


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