Success in SaaS comes when you play the long game

Getting your service right is important.

The better it is, the more likely customers will stick around, and as it’s far cheaper to keep them than find them, it makes a lot of sense.

So, what exactly is good service?

We all know what it is in a restaurant, but what should we be looking for when it comes to software platforms?

Here are 15 things I like to see –

✅ Contextual help that explains features in situ

✅ Documentation to help wider understanding

✅ Written tutorials

✅ Video tutorials and screen captures

✅ Training courses

✅ Email support

✅ Chat support

✅ Phone support

✅ Community forums

✅ User groups

✅ Onboarding services

✅ Consultancy and product specialists

✅ Regular informative communication, not just bumf that tries to sell

✅ Feedback mechanisms

And lastly

✅ New features and fixes

All of these take time to create and deliver, and they all need to be kept up to date.

Yes, it’s expensive, but that’s life.

They’re part and parcel of delivering high quality software as a service.

You can cut quality, price and race to the bottom if you want.

It’s an option for mass market offerings.

But for most, better quality will attract better customers and produce better results.

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